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Technology a key to shoe business success in Jinjiang

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Shoe manufacturers in Jinjiang city of Fujian province are attaching more importance to technology elements in their products.
Technology a key to shoe business success in Jinjiang

An exhibition featuring the latest tech trends and innovations in footwear was all the buzz with entrepreneurs and technology staffers at the 16th Jinjiang International Footwear Exposition, which runs from April 18 to 21.
Wen Zhongfei, a developer from a shoe technology firm in Putian, said he was promoting his latest invention – a gadget that helps tie your shoes – and he didn’t expect so much attention, as all of his business cards - hundreds of them – were distributed.
The annual expo has witnessed how the shoemaking business became a leader in the industry to make Jinjiang the footwear capital of China.
As of 2013, there were 3,338 companies, large and small, engaging in shoe production, with an accrued annual output value of 97.5 billion yuan ($15.67 billion), and 161 of them have worth exceeding 100 million yuan, with 46 boasting a value of at least 500 million yuan. As many as 20 shoe companies have gone public.
About 349,000 people in Jinjiang are involved in shoe manufacturing, attributing to a total of 1.56 billion sneakers and 700 million slippers every year.
Shoe enterprises have increased their investments in technology and machinery upgrades in recent years. Statistics show that 28 shoe companies have imported nearly 100 international production lines, and nearly 100 firms have equipped themselves with advanced shoe sole injection molding machines.
More companies have their own shoe research and development centers at provincial and even national levels. Their work has led to mastery of 229 core technologies and 564 patents.

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